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JackFrags | 10th Anniversary Celebration Designs


And thanks for checking out this page of JackFrags desktop goodies.

Jack’s 10! Can you believe it? No one predicted cyborgs could live that long, not without serious hardware/software degradation.

Less than three

In this pack you have the following designs:
_ x2 16:9 Desktops
_ x2 Mobile Desktop – each design has a Home and Lock screen variant
_ x2 Tablet / iPad Desktops
_ x2 Applewatch Desktops
_ x1 Social Media Avatar

16:9 Desktops

Mobile Desktop

Tablet / iPad Desktops

Applewatch Desktops

Social Media Avatar

The legal shizzle from Brizzle:
Jack and I have granted a licence to you for the personal use of this artwork. You do not own these designs – nobody does except the copyright holders.

— Do’s —

  • Upload this to your device(s)
  • Show others with deep, deep pride
  • Share pictures of them ▶ @JackFrags

— Don’ts —
× alter
× resell
× distribute
× trade
× attempt to BBQ

I’m confident that each image works fine in its intended manner, run into any issue then contact me, email below. Any of your stuff breaks that ain’t on me.

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